About Us

Nuri Collections is the project of husband and wife team, Ahmed and Clio. Originally from Cairo and Cape Town themselves, they are familiar with the many obstacles faced by smaller artisans in entering the UK and European markets. Nuri was born from a desire to showcase the exceptional craftsmanship and design skills of silversmiths from Northern and Southern Africa, providing a platform for easy engagement of designers and consumers in the UK and Europe.

We take great care in selecting the collections featured by Nuri, with a focus on handcrafted pieces, quality materials and unique designs. In addition to the collections themselves, we work closely with the designers to develop collaborative, transparent and long-term relationships.

When purchasing from Nuri, the buyer can be assured that the pieces received are unique and of the highest quality.


Our Values


All collections featured by Nuri are handcrafted by skilled artisans in workshops overseen by the designer. No items are mass produced and the source of the item is clearly displayed within the collection. Where possible, we have visited the workshops ourselves.


All collections featured are only available in the UK via Nuri. Collections are limited in quantity and duration of availability.


All collections are produced to a high standard using sterling silver, 18kt gold and natural stones. All pieces are inspected by ourselves prior to making them available for purchase.  


Our relationships with the featured designers and our customers are of the utmost importance to us as we seek to build long-term relationships. The purpose of Nuri is to provide a platform that eliminates the obstacles faced by both silversmiths and consumers when making purchases outside of the UK and Europe.