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Islam Khalil

Islam Khalil Designs is a Cairo based jewellery brand for the free-spirited and adventurous. Our designs draw their inspiration from the sun and surrounding master pieces of nature, allowing one to delve into the magical roots and beginnings of our world.

We are very excited to introduce the designer of Nuri’s launch collection, Islam Khalil, a Cairo based silversmith. We first met Islam when we visited the studio he shares with his father, a renowned Cairo jeweller who our family have purchased from for years. His studio is tucked deep in the famous Khan Al Khalili market in Cairo and we were after some specific pieces from his father when we came across Islam’s collections. They had a distinctly fresh and modern design that deviated from the popular designs commonly seen amongst Egyptian silversmiths. His use of mother of pearl was something we had not come across in the contemporary jewellery market and it was refreshing to see both original materials and designs that did not subscribe to trends. The items were unique, expertly crafted and timeless. A quick visit for a couple of specific items turned into a small personal haul for both of us, an exchange of details and the exciting prospect of bringing Islam’s work to the UK.

Islam started his silversmithing journey in his father’s studio at age 14, running errands for the workshop before learning silver craft techniques himself amidst the most talented silver artisans in Cairo. He went on to study Art Education at Helwan University while continuing his work with his father, progressing to working with clients and now managing his father’s company. Despite an interest in design early on, his first foray into creating his own collections were not smooth and for a few years he kept himself to client work. Eventually he returned to the design table where his first and bestselling Sun collection was created.

Most of the pieces carried by Nuri are from this first collection, which are carefully handcrafted using fine materials such as sterling silver, 18k gold, semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls. We trust you’ll find them as beautiful as we do! We recently visited Islam again in Cairo where we got a sneak peak at some of the new and exciting designs that he is working on for both men and women. We look forward to making them available to you soon here at Nuri.

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